John Lorimer: Winner of the LHA’s 2020-21 George Turrell Spirit Award

John has been the Manager of the GTHL 2005 A team for a decade. He has gone above and beyond without exception to make sure the kids have an amazing overall hockey experience on and off the ice. John has been involved in every detail of this team’s heartbeat off the ice for both players and their families.  Nine seasons worth of tournaments, bus trips, team dinners, pub nights, team parties, uniforms, team gear, training camps, parent events, carpools, etc.  John is behind everything that has made this a group that nobody wants to leave.

The team has had a great deal of on ice success over the years, but the lineup to come to this group is largely due to the complete experience enjoyed throughout the season by everyone involved. In addition to the time given to this team, John has dressed the entire LHA for several years as the founder of Millwood Outfitters. He helps create LHA spirit in all of us!

It is impossible to walk through Leaside or a Toronto arena without seeing the impact John has had on our community.  Our hockey teams (and parents) look great and are proud to wear so much of the Flames apparel conceived by John.  There isn’t a team official in the entire LHA who doesn’t know “Lorimer”, and most have received personal deliveries of Flames apparel to their front door. John Lorimer’s dedication to the LHA is unprecedented.  He always promotes and fosters the values of integrity, respect, discipline, sportsmanship, compassion, community, diversity and fairness.

Thank you John for all you do for the LHA and congratulations on your award.