Our Mission

Our mission is to provide recreational and competitive hockey programs for the youth of our community in a safe and fun environment.


Our Vision

  • To be a leading community based hockey organization that adopts and encourages best practices in all aspects of its programs.
  • To provide safe and challenging hockey programs where children are able to realize their potential through appropriate levels of play.
  • To develop and improve hockey skills to the benefit of players and their team.
  • To promote participation on a fair and equitable basis.
  • To provide a positive environment that encourages respect and good behaviour among and by all coaches, players, parents and game officials.
  • To ensure a high level of discipline both on and off the ice and to encourage a strong work ethic and consistent effort without taking the fun out of the game.
  • To promote the principles of team play, good sportsmanship and companionship.
  • To involve parents in their children’s development by maintaining open lines of communication with coaches and the Board of Directors.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Sportsmanship
  • Compassion
  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Fairness

LHA Board of Directors


As a not-for-profit organization, the LHA relies on over 300 volunteers to help us deliver hockey programs to the youth of our community. Volunteering is a great way to get involved, make friends and share in your child's experience. There are MANY volunteer opportunities within the LHA including coaches, managers, tournament coordinators, house league convenors, and our Board of Directors. Please reach out to any of our staff or Board members if you are interested in volunteering.


Volunteers Needed

  • LHA Board of Directors: VP Ice

    Click HERE for a description of this role. 

  • LHA Board of Directors: VP Tournament

    Click HERE for a description of this role. 

    For more information or to apply for either of these roles, please email Carlo Giuliani at president@leasidehockey.com. 

Be A Sponsor

Copy of Thank you to our Sponsors

The LHA relies on sponsors to help us keep the rising cost of hockey manageable for families. Ice rental represents more than 90% of our annual costs and the cost of ice continues to rise in the City of Toronto. Sponsorship is also a great way to promote your business or organization within the Leaside and broader Toronto community.

We have MANY opportunities for sponsorship including sponsoring one of our 45 house league teams, one of our 48 competitive teams, our 4 day Select tournament that draws over 100 teams and 1,900 players or our association as a whole.

Please reach out to Chris Saniga, our VP Sponsorship if you would like more information. vpsponsorship@leasidehockey.com

Our Hockey School Provider

Healy Hockey solutions - Leaside Website (1)

The LHA is excited to have Healy Hockey Solutions as our Hockey School Provider. Founder Mark Healy grew up in Leaside and started his successful hockey career here at Leaside Arena.

Mark and his team of professional coaches believe in a model of progressive skill development in hockey. They enjoy working most with players that enjoy the game and aspire to get better.

The coaches at Healy Hockey Solutions pride themselves on getting to know the players and making sure the training aligns with age and stage of development.

Every year the LHA conducts a survey of parents involved in the Learn to Play and Hockey School programs to ensure a high level of satisfaction with our Hockey School Provider. Feedback is regularly provided and every 3-5 years the Association engages in an RFP review of providers to ensure the current provider best meets the needs of our members.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone about Learn to Play or Hockey School please reach out to Saba Hameed, at VPHL@leasidehockey.com.

Our Apparel Provider

LHA Gear (1)

The LHA is grateful to have Millwood Outfitters as our official apparel provider. Jeff Munn, the owner/operator of Millwood Outfitters, has a long history with the LHA and served on our Board of Directors for a number of years.

Millwood Outfitters is the only provider sanctioned by the LHA to use our logo on uniforms, gear and merchandise.

Feedback from our members about LHA apparel is always welcome and questions about apparel are included in our annual parent questionnaires. Every 3-5 years the Association engages in a review of providers via an RFP process to ensure the current provider best meets the needs of our members.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone about LHA Apparel please reach out to David Power, at treasurer@leasidehockey.com.

What People are saying about Leaside Hockey

I have worked with other hockey organizations. Leaside is extremely professional, well organized, helpful and they put the priority on creating the best possible environment for the players to learn and develop. This is an outstanding organization.

Can’t say enough about the incredible environment our Coach has created for this team.

All the coaches and bench staff are great - personable, knowledgeable, and fun. It has been a pleasure being part of this team.

Our Coach takes the time to congratulate every player after a game and say something positive and specific about their play and attitude. He seeks to inspire them on a bigger level than hockey, which I haven't seen from many coaches, particularly for young kids. The practices are well-planned and he gives his best energy every single time. I think he sets the right expectations with the kids so they are really learning life skills that will go far beyond hockey. This has been one of our family's best experiences with a hockey coach.

Everyone on the team staff has been great. Very professional and excellent with the children. We were very lucky and thankful to have this group.

We were so privileged to have the best coaching group I can imagine. They ran very organized practices and the skill level of the team improved so much. All was done in a very relaxed, supportive, and fun atmosphere. Kids love it, they love every time they are on the ice and love and respect the game and the effort that comes to get better.